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Maintaining HVAC coils should be a top priority for building managers. Minimizing dirt and debris in HVAC coils and eliminating harmful corrosion of coils is a smart way to maintain your indoor air quality (IAQ) and to save money.

Dirty coils make the system work harder costing you money, and dirty coils are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Plus, coil corrosion from regular coil cleaners can cause dangerous leaks.

  • Clean and maintain coils consistently, twice a year preferably
  • Use high quality coil alkaline or pH neutral cleaners to dramatically reduce the chance of leaks
  • Treat coils with specific HVAC bacterial control to manage mold and mildew growth

Coil cleaning with BBJ HVAC coil cleaning products, including pH neutral coil cleaning products puts you on track to having a smooth, efficient operation.

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