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BBJ Solutions for Mold and Mildew Control Applications

Mold and mildew Control: Safely and Quickly Eliminate and Control Mold, Mildew and Odor For Up to 2 Years!

The lack of mold and mildew control in HVAC systems or after a flooding or leak disaster can lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) which can cause a variety of sickness and odor. BBJ mold and mildew control products offer EPA registered mold and mildew cleaners and mold control agents specifically designed to get the job done right. Plus, our mold and mildew control products are uniquely tested and approved for use while buildings and spaces are inhabited. There’s no need for evacaution when applying BBJ mold control products. Try finding that anywhere else! There’s a tried and true three step process to cleaning mold and controlling mold growth.

Our recommended mold and mildew control process includes:

1. Find the source of moisture and stop it.
2. Kill the mold and mildew and other contaminants
3. Control future growth up to 2 years by using the right mold control products.

Trust BBJ with your mold and mildew removal, cleaning and control products for HVAC systems, walls, floors and other surfaces. Choose the product below to learn more.

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